MedVetNet Association International Scientific Conference 2013

- One health, one medicine: sharing challenges for combating zoonoses


Dates: 24 to 25 June, 2013
Location: Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

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Final Programme now available as PDF

Abstract Book now available as PDF

Interviews with Frank Aarestrup, Gabriella Morroy, and Paul Gibbs

Conference presentations now available as PDFs


MedVetNet 2013 is for human and animal health researchers working in the field of food-borne zoonoses using the One Health – One Medicine approach.

Much of the work done through this approach has been cross-disciplinary - including a variety of sectors - and its implications reach beyond the study & removal of zoonoses.

The meeting aims to present the broad range of disciplines relevant to the One Health approach, as well as keynotes dedicated to combining these disciplines to faciliate economic development in the zoonotically plagued regions.

The meeting offers three key-note speakers addressing the One Health approach for development, epidemiology, and economics. Several other presenters will delve into the details of 4 main disciplines within zoonoses; for more information, please see the tentative programme. Note that all participants will have the opportunity to meet "one-on-one" with any of the presenters, to discuss data & methods, to brainstorm ideas, and to foster collaborations on zoonoses.

A poster session gives all invited projects the opportunity to present. To submit your poster for consideration, please see the Submit Abstract page.

NB: Abstract submission closed.

Topics to be covered at the conference:

  1. Detection and Control
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Host-pathogen Interactions
  4. Risk Assessment & Analysis

Keynotes at the conference

  1. Global Outreach from EU to developing countries
  2. Animal and Public Health Surveillance
  3. Ecomonics of Q-Fever

For more information:

          Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Anne Ridley,  AHVLA, UK, Project Manager MedVetNet Association
  • Roberto la Ragione, AHVLA, UK, President MedVetNet Association
  • Jørgen Schlundt, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, DK; Vice President MedVetNet Association
  • Arnaud Callegari, ANSES, FR, Treasurer, MedVetNet Association
  • Anders Permin, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Marie Louise Wittrup Boeck, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Niels Westergaard, Biopeople, DK
  • David Featherston, Biopeople, DK


The newly formed Med-Vet-Net Association was officially launched in October 2009 with the announcement of the Association’s 10 means of action.

The self-funded Association, which currently comprises all 14 of the Network’s scientific partners, is set to become Med-Vet-Net’s most enduring legacy and will build on the success of its predecessor by strengthening existing partnerships and forging new collaborations both within Europe and around the world.

Indeed the Association has linked its very purpose to continuing Med-Vet-Net’s success through its overarching aim to increase, capitalize and disseminate scientific knowledge on zoonoses with the main emphasis on food-borne zoonoses.

Resveratrol2012 - 5-7 December, 2012, Leicester, UK

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